Call for Applications by the African Sovereign Debt Justice Network: Researchers

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February 25, 2022

The African Sovereign Debt Justice Network

The African Sovereign Debt Justice Network (AfSDJN) is a coalition of citizens, scholars, civil society actors and church groups committed to exposing the adverse impact of unsustainable levels of African sovereign debt on the lives of ordinary citizens.

Convened by with the support of Open Society for Southern Africa (OSISA), the AfSDJN's activities are tailored around addressing the threats that sovereign debt poses to economic development, social cohesion, and human rights in Africa. It advocates for debt cancellation, rescheduling and restructuring, as well as increasing the accountability and responsibility of lenders and African governments about how sovereign debt is procured, spent, and repaid.

Focusing on Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Nigeria and Senegal, the AfSDJN will also amplify African voices and decolonize narratives on African sovereign debt. Its activities include producing research outputs to enhance the network’s advocacy interventions. It also seeks to create awareness of and elevate the priority given to sovereign debt and other economic justice issues on the African continent and beyond.

Terms of Reference

• Conduct research and write analytical memos on sovereign debt issues relating to Africa, including but not limited to the global debt architecture and global financial architectural reform;

• Maintain the most up to date data and information on all issues relating to Sovereign Debt in Africa;

• Help manage and coordinate all activities of the African Sovereign Debt Justice Network, including the competition, upcoming conferences, and events, as well as coordination with partners, vendors, network members and other constituencies; 

• Any other assignments relating to the work of the African Sovereign Debt Justice Network and Afronomicslaw.


The salary for this post will be competitive and based on the skills and experience of the successful candidate.

Minimum experience and desirable knowledge & skills

• Bachelor’s degree in law/social sciences/political science and preferably postgraduate studies or degree (received or in view) with a focus on sovereign debt/international financial law; 

• Three to Six years of related work experience, or a combination of education and experience that would provide for the relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities;

• Must be able to work remotely for a minimum of 20 hours a week.


• African citizenship or heritage; 

• Background Knowledge on sovereign debt/International Financial Law;

• Multilingual, ideally fluent in French, Portuguese, and African languages.

Please send your to by the end of the day in your time-zone on Friday March 11, 2022.

Include your name and position title in the subject field of your email. Example: “Subject: [YOUR NAME] AfSDJN Researcher?”.