Egypt Faced with Second Water Management ICSID claim

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November 13, 2020

Egypt is facing its second dispute related to its water management sector[1]. The claimant - Gesenu SPA (where the municipality of Perugia, owns 45% of the shares)[2] filed a request for arbitration on 30 October 2020. The Claimant invoked the 1989 Egypt-Italy Bilateral Investment Treaty, one of the 115 BITs signed by Egypt. The Egypt-Italy BIT instrument was notably invoked twice in the ASA[3] and Waghui ICSID cases.[4]

It was reported that the ICSID claim arose from a series of contracts in the water management of Cairo won by Gesenu back in 2002. It appears that up until 2018, Gesenu - through the local purpose vehicle Ama Arab Environment Company - was managing two water waste contracts of an annual value of US$ 14 million.[5] It is worth noting that Cairo is the most populous African city bordering the Nile,[6] with a dire need for infrastructural improvement of its water and sanitation management sector.

Egypt is already defending a claim in the water management sector. [7]  The case was brought in 2019 by Future Pipe regarding the building of a water and sewage distribution network in New Cairo, pursuant to a contract with the state. The hearing is expected in the upcoming months, as the tribunal issued a Procedural Order on 19 October 2020.

Egypt is represented by the Egyptian State Lawsuits Authority, which has been appearing for the state since the late nineties Wena Hotels case.[8] Egypt has gained significant experience in ISDS, as it remarkably settled the most cases at ICSID. Up to date, Egypt has settled 17 out of 25 ICSID cases it has been involved in; 9 of them according to article 43(1) of the ICSID Arbitration Rules based on the request of both parties.[9]

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