FRI Special Issue on Blockchain Regulation - Call for Paper on Banking/Financial Law


February 10, 2021

FRI Special Issue on Blockchain Regulation - Call for Paper on Banking/Financial Law Financial Regulation International, March Issue, 2021 Special Issue on Blockchain Regulation

The Financial Regulation International (FRI) is a practitioner-focused news service which features articles and opinion pieces about international and domestic financial regulation and private law disputes relating to the financial services industry in its widest sense. FRI, now in its, 24th Volume, aims to provide detailed insights and opinion pieces on regulatory reforms and their implications for practice. FRI welcomes practitioner-focused articles written by lawyers, finance professionals and academics working in this fast-moving sector. Its wide subscriber base means no jurisdiction is excluded. Access to FRI, is also available on the ‘i-law’ Informa business intelligence database of commercial law knowledge.

FRI is pleased to announce a call for paper on banking/financial law topics relevant to regulatory, policy or legislative changes with regards blockchain regulation. We expect original and analytical short articles that focus on patterns of regulatory responses to blockchains and the projected impact. Papers should explore a broad range of regulatory issues in relation to topics such as:

  • Cryptocurrency regulations and policies
  • Central Banks’ digital currencies
  • Regulation of non-bank payment systems  
  • Smart contacts
  • Cryptocurrency anonymity and criminal activities 
  • Blockchain regulation, quite broadly.

FRI will be accepting opinion style articles/articles with word counts ranging from:

  1. Opinion style article focusing on a news or regulatory development (750 to 1,250 words)
  2. Feature analysing a particular trend or regulatory change (2,000 to 3,000 words)
  3. Case report examining a recent judgment in detail (1,500 to 2,000 words)
  4. In-depth, academic style paper on a subject of your choice (3,000-4,000 words)

The deadline for submission is the 6th of March 2021.

Articles will be featured on and Financial Crime on Authors will receive a PDF of the issue containing their contribution upon publication.

Article to be sent to the Editor, Professor Dalvinder Singh, university of Warwick, School of Law: & Assistant Editor, Dr. Nkechikwu Valerie Azinge, University of London: