African Practice in International Economic Law 2017-2019

From the Journal:
Amaka Vanni and Tsotang Tsietsi

This section provides updates and context into some of the significant developments in Africa’s participation in IEL. In particular, it provides background discussions on the recently signed Agreement Establishing the African Continental Free Trade (AfCFTA), the China-Mauritius FTA, the Kenya-US FTA Negotiations, recent participation of African countries in the WTO Dispute Settlement Body and what this means for WTO jurisprudence. The section concludes by providing considerations on Nigeria’s border closure and the 2020 World Investment Report. Despite the challenges faced by the continent, these activities not only reflect an increased interest in the broad subject of trade and investment liberalisation in Africa, but also a growing involvement of African States in IEL governance. 

Cite as: A. Vanni & T. Tsietsi, African Practice in International Economic Law: 2017–2019, Vol. 1, AfJIEL, (2020), 321-338.