Video Content

This category hosts video recordings of Afronomicslaw webinars as well as Indabas. The Indabas are a series of discussions on important topics with individuals often working behind the scenes on important issues of international economic law relating to Africa and the Global South. Afronomicslaw videos are also available on our youtube channel. Academic Forum Introductory Video

The Academic Forum Video features short introductions in response to five questions. -What is the Academic Forum? -Why is the Academic Forum Needed? -What does the Academic Forum Offer? -What is our mentorship program? -Where does one begin? The video features responses by: -Dr. Ohio Omiunu, Editor - Academic Forum -Arnold Nciko, Lead Regional Representative, East Africa -Kayode Olude, Lead Regional Representative, West Africa -Nikola Sekoe, Lead Regional Representative, Southern Africa -Anne Mburu, East African Partnerships Lead -Mainga Simoonga, Southern Africa Partnerships Lead.