The African Society of International Law Annual Conference: Africa and International Trade Law


October 22, 2021

Africa & International Trade Law

Friday to Saturday, 29-30 October 2021

 Virtual Conference 

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Friday, 29 October 2021

3.00 pm (Dar es Salaam)/2.00 pm (Paris)/8.00 am (D.C.):

Opening Ceremony

  • Makane Moïse Mbengue, Professor, University of Geneva, Sciences Po
  • Raymond Ranjeva, Former Judge, International Court of Justice

3.15 pm (Dar es Salaam)/2.15 pm (Paris)/8.15 am (D.C.):

Keynote Speech & Conversation: African Trade in the 21st Century

  • Wamkele Mele, Secretary General, AfCFTA Secretariat [Invited]
  • James Gathii, Wing-Tat Lee Chair in International Law & Professor of Law, Loyola University Chicago School of Law
  • Tafadzwa Pasipanodya, Partner, Foley Hoag LLP (Chair)

4.15 pm (Dar es Salaam)/3.15 pm (Paris)/9.15 am (D.C.): | STRETCH BREAK

4.30 pm (Dar es Salaam)/3.30 pm (Paris)/9.30 am (D.C.):

Dispute Resolution under the AfCFTA and Africa’s International Investment Agreements

  • Ms. Kabo Balkissou, AfCFTA Secretariat (Chair)
  • Isaias Berhe, Assistant Lecturer, Xiamen University ( “Public Health Emergencies and Necessity Defense in International Investment Law: the African States Bilateral Investment Treaties Revisited”)
  • Frances Chisomaga Nwadike (ECOWAS & WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanisms as models for the AfCFTA)
  • Harrison Mbori, Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law, (“Reinventing the Wheel? The MFN Principle/Obligation(s) in the AfCFTA”)
  • Prof. Fulvio M. Palombino, Professor, Naples Federico II and Rome Luiss Universities, (“The African Way to Investment Disputes Between Domestic/Regional Mechanisms and the “Humanization of International Law” Argument Taken Properly”)
  • Ravindra Pratap, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Faculty of Legal Studies, South Asian University (“Facilitating the Participation of African Countries in WTO Dispute Settlement: Exploring the Possibility of Litigation Costs”)

5.30 pm (Dar es Salaam)/4.30 pm (Paris)/10.30 am (D.C.): | STRETCH BREAK

5.45 pm (Dar es Salaam)/4.45 pm (Paris)/10.45 am (D.C.):

TRACK 1: Questions of International Property & Competition Law in African Trade

  • Edward Kwakwa, Assistant Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization (Keynote)
  • Dr. Martin Jarrett, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute (“Competition Authorities and Foreign Investors: Managing the Litigation Risk under the AfCFTA Investment Protocol”)
  • Jean-Paul Mushagalusa Rwabashi, Lecturer, Université Catholique de Bukavu (« Commerce africain, investissement, droit de la concurrence et propriété intellectuelle : quel apport pour la Zlecaf à l’ère de la globalisation économique »)
  • Chijioke Okorie, Lecturer, University of Pretoria, (“Multi-territorial Digital Copyright licensing within the AfCFTA: considerations for appropriate guiding principles”)
  • Hery Ranjeva, Partner, Clyde & Co (Chair)

TRACK 2: Regional Integration & Governance in African Trade

  • Edefe Ojomo, Lecturer, University of Lagos (Chair)
  • Etienne Marque (« Le Projet d’Acte Uniforme OHADA de droit international privé –une initiative bienvenue dans le contexte de la ZLECAf »)
  • Prof. Wahab Egbewole, Professor of Law, University of Ilorin (“The AfCFTA and the Challenges of Economic Integration in West Africa: Issues & Options”)
  • Linda Kiguhi, Founder & Managing Partner, Linda Kiguhi Advocates (“Implementing the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement for AfCFTA – A Case Study on the East African Community”)
  • Falou Samb, Special Advisor to the President on Trade & Investments, Republic of Senegal


Saturday, 30 October 2021

3.00 pm (Dar es Salaam)/2.00 pm (Paris)/8.00 am (D.C.):

Keynote Speech & Conversation

  • Yenkong Hodu, Professor and Chair of International Economic Law, University of Manchester
  • Namira Negm, Legal Counsel, African Union Commission

4.00 pm (Dar es Salaam)/3.00 pm (Paris)/9.00 am (D.C.): | STRETCH BREAK

TRACK 1: Règlement des différends dans le cadre de ZLECAf et des accords internationaux d’investissement de l’Afrique

  • Isabelle Rouche, Partner, Asafo & Co. (Chair)
  • Prof. Ali Kairouani, Professor of Public International Law, Mohammed V de Rabat University, (« Quelques observations sur la multiplication des procédures contentieuses en matière d’investissements sous la ZLECAf »)
  • Dr. Evelyne Memphil Ndi, Lecturer, Yaounde University II, (« Commerce Africain et résolutions des conflits: Le régime de règlement des différends au sein de la ZLECAf »)
  • Mawuto Tossa, Université de Lomé & Université de Grenade (« Le protocole de la CEDEAO sur l’énergie : un instrument juridique à moderniser »)
  • Antoine Lerosier, Associate, Clyde & Co (« La ZLECAF au défi des critiques du système de règlement des différends entre investisseurs et Etats »)

TRACK 2: African Trade with other Global Regions

  • Karim M’ziani, Associate, Foley Hoag (Chair)
  • Reagan Etale, Trade Lawyer, The Department for International Trade, UK ( “African trade relations with the rest of the world post-Covid; the aftershock”)
  • Daniel Ngumy, Partner, Anjarwalla & Khana (“Avenues for bilateral trade negotiations between state parties and third parties within the AfCFTA Framework”)
  • Prof. Paolo Davide Farah, Professor, West Virginia University ( “Africa: The Belt & Road Initiative: Trade Facilitation, Infrastructure Connectivity and Institutional Collaboration in the ChinaAfrica Relations”)
  • Baptiste Rigeaudau, Associate, LALIVE, (“The Belt and Road Initiative in Africa: Disputes and their impact on China-Africa trade”)

5.15 pm (Dar es Salaam)/4.00 pm (Paris)/10.00 am (D.C.): | STRETCH BREAK

5.30 pm (Dar es Salaam)/4.30 pm (Paris)/10.30 am (D.C.):

TRACK 1: Aligning Socio-Economic Development & Human Rights with Trade

  • Olabisi Akinkugbe, Professor, Dalhousie University, Founding Editor, Afronomicslaw (Chair)
  • Dr. Alia Al-Gazaar, Senior Associate, Zulficar & Partners
  • Jean Bertrand Azapmo, Regional Trade Advisor, African Union (“Corporate Social Responsibility provisions in African Regional Trade and Investment Agreements: Rebalancing investors’ rights to achieve inclusive and sustainable investment in Africa”)
  • Brenda K. Kombo, Norbert Elias Fellow, University of Bielefeld, (“A Case for Better Integration of Human Rights within the African Continental Free Trade Area”)
  • Yannick Kouassi, Doctoral Student, Strasbourg University (“Enforcement of Investors’ Environmental Obligations Under Domestic Investment Acts in West Africa: Normative and Jurisdictional Interactions with International Law”)
  • Ines Ndonko Nnoko, (“Innovating with the African Continental Free Trade Area: the environmental challenge associated with free trade and approaches to resolving it”)

TRACK 2: Digital Economy, Technologies and Financial Integration

  • Agnes Gitau, Partner, GBS Africa (Chair)
  • Awele Ikobi-Anyali, Research Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (“Integrating African Financial Markets Through Cross-Listing Under the AfCFTA”)
  • John Saidi Nyanje, Lecturer, Africa Nazarene University (“Uniting Africa through Trade: Crytocurrency usage and regulation as a tool of creating a common currency in Africa”)
  • Sandrine Léonie Siewe, (« La ZLECAf: repenser le financement des économies africaines et leur industrie financière? »)
  • Dr. Collins C Ajibo, Senior Lecturer, University of Nigeria (“SME under the AfCFTA: Will the future be a bane or Boon?”)

6.30 pm (Dar es Salaam)/5.30 pm (Paris)/11.30 am (D.C.):

Closing Ceremony (15 minutes)

  • Amne Suedi, Founder & Partner, ShiKana Law Group (Chair)
  • Hajer Gueldich, Professor, University of Carthage, Member, African Union International Law Commission
  • Makane Moïse Mbengue, Professor, University of Geneva, Sciences Po

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