Afronomicslaw Press Release: Wanjiru Gikonyo and Afronomicslaw File East Africa Court of Justice Case Against Kenya Seeking Transparency on Debt Swaps

On April 16th, 2024, Wanjiru Gikonyo, a leading advocate of good governance and accountability together with the Afronomicslaw filed a case seeking transparency in Kenya’s debt swaps before the East African Court of Justice, (EACJ). The case seeks the Kenyan government to offer detailed information about its planned and ongoing Debt Swaps Arrangements (DSAs).

In the Matter of the Treaty for the Establishment of the EAC: Eugenia Wanjiru Gikonyo v The Attorney-General of the Republic of Kenya

The case filed by Afronomicslaw with Wanjiru Gikonyo as Applicant is brought under Article 30 of the EAC Treaty. Article 30 of the EAC Treaty allows individuals and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) who are residents of the community to bring cases against partner states of the EAC where these partner states violate the law.