Global Economic Governance

NEWS: 09.08.2022

The News and Events category publishes the latest News and Events relating to International Economic Law relating to Africa and the Global South. Every week, receive the News and Events in their e-mail accounts. The News and Events published every week include conferences, major developments in the field of International Economic Law in Africa at the national, sub-regional and regional levels, as well as relevant case law. News and Events with a Global South focus are also often included.

Reflections on my methodological approach researching on International Economic Law

Utilising interdisciplinary methodologies for IEL research in the African context is not without its challenges. Access to empirical data is still difficult. Meandering your way past the bureaucracy and protocols that ‘gatekeep’ vital information is also tricky. However, all these challenges and experiences all add up to our journey as researchers

Call for Applications: Post-Doctoral Fellow, International Development Law Unit, University of Pretoria

Post-Doctoral Fellows in the International Development Law Unit play two roles: (1) Academic Advisor to the students in the LLM in Trade and Investment Law in Africa programme (2) Researcher in the International Development Law Unit (IDLU) 

The Fourth AfIELN Biennial Conference – Addressing Africa’s Voice in Global Economic Governance

With the purpose to bring together scholars and scholarship that highlights original and innovative thinking in IEL as it pertains to the African continent, the idea was to follow up with the existing tradition that consists in engaging with new scholarship and research on the continent’s contributions to, and involvement with IEL. This task proved at the same time challenging and quite rewarding. The call attracted responses of high calibres as reflected by the quality and quantity of abstracts received, as well as the global representation of the submissions.