Data Protection

Call for Papers: Exploring the Intersections between Law and Artificial Intelligence

The leaps in AI innovation raise ethical, legal, regulatory, and policy questions regarding what should be regulated, legislated and how it should be done. From the perspective of law, the emergence of AI has unsettled established principles of law, necessitating re-evaluation of regulatory approaches. The role of regulation in creating the environment for AI to flourish has therefore become timely and as various countries and regions are beginning to develop regulatory frameworks for AI, it is crucial to consider the challenges associated with determining what should be regulated, legislated and the appropriate methods to achieve this.

Data Protection Impact Assessment as a Human Rights Duty of State?

This blog examines the relationship between Data Protection and Human Rights. It argues that the State has a duty to respect the privacy rights of its citizens and this duty includes an obligation to conduct Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) in cases of high-risk processing of personal data.