AfSDJN Mission Statement and Agenda

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The African Sovereign Debt Justice Network (AfSDJN) is a coalition of citizens, scholars, civil society actors and church groups committed to exposing the adverse impact of unsustainable levels of African sovereign debt on the lives of ordinary citizens.

The AfSDJN seeks to achieve this goal by advocating for debt cancellation, rescheduling and restructuring as well as increasing the transparency, accountability and responsibility of lenders and African governments about how sovereign debt is procured, spent and repaid.

Mission: To amplify the African voice and decolonize narratives on African sovereign debt.


First, to galvanize members of the AfSDJN to undertake research and advocacy with a view to demonstrating how the unsustainable levels of sovereign debt threatens social spending and increases the dependence of African countries on foreign creditors and international financial institutions;  

Secondto produce research outputs, including toolkits, which enhance the technical capacity and advocacy interventions of civil society groups, church leaders, members of the press and the general African public around issues of sovereign debt and related economic justice issues; 

Third, to create awareness and elevate the priority given to sovereign debt issues on the African continent and beyond, through its network activities which include public webinars, written symposiums and high-level interventions at important political events taking place on the African continent and beyond over the next 12 months.