Exploring The Nexus Between Energy, Food Security and Climate Change in Africa (Hybrid Event)


The Global South Research Law Network, School of Law, University of Aberdeen presents their inaugural event which will explore intersections between Energy, Food Security, and Climate Change Law in Africa.

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Date: Monday 24th July, 9:30 to 15.30

As the world strives to reduce carbon emissions, Africa seems to be caught in between the impending transition to low-carbon energy sources and the attempt to meet surging energy demands. Additionally, it is no longer news that Africa is facing severe food insecurity. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and the African Union (AU) note that over 190 million people in Africa are affected by food crises on the continent. While there are socio-economic and political reasons for food insecurity, research reveals that energy crises and climate change are major drivers.

This project seeks to contribute to addressing the complex and interconnected challenges of energy security, food insecurity and climate change. Funded by the University of Aberdeen’s Internal Pump-Prime Fund, the objective of this project is to launch the Global South Research Law Network with a vision to design an energy, food and climate governance transformation strategy that is tailored to the needs and realities of countries in Africa.

Project Leads Dr Eddy Wifa and Dr Titilayo Adebola.