AfCFTA Protocol

Afronomicslaw Academic Forum Guest Lecture Series: Latest on the U.S. Fight Over 'Digital Trade': Implications for the AfCFTA Digital Protocol

April 2, 2025


Please join us for this virtual conversation on April 6, 2024.

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Guest Speakers:

Lori Wallach, Director, Rethink Trade Program at the American Economic Liberties Project

Daniel Rangel, Research Director, Rethink Trade Program at the American Economic Liberties Project

Digital Trade in the African Continental Free Trade Agreement: Exploring its promises and challenges

This piece argues that digital trade is an essential developmental tool in a fast-paced world. However, to get the full value of digital trade, AfCFTA member-states must embrace the use of digital trade. This may be achieved by strategic design of the AfCFTA Protocol on E-commerce.

Heralding Privacy concerns in AfCFTA’s proposed E-commerce Protocol

With the growth of e-commerce, a core human right concern pervading this “novel” form of trade is the right to privacy. This article makes a case for recognising privacy and its derivative, data protection in the AfCFTA’s E-Commerce Protocol and subsequent e-commerce-related agreements concluded by Africa’s Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and states members.

A Case for Democratic Legitimacy of the AfCFTA Process

The centralisation of democratic practise in the implementation of AfCFTA will require serious commitment on the part of national and regional officials involved in negotiating the process. A key first step in this respect is the express inclusion of respect for democratic values in the Agreement.