Webinar Series VII Video: Towards Justice in the International Economic Order: Proposals from the South


November 2, 2020

This webinar was a collaboration between Afronomicslaw and the South Centre, Geneva, to mark the 25th anniversary of the South Centre. Both the South Centre and Afronomicslaw share a commitment to discuss the protection and promotion of the development interests of countries of the Global South.

The theme of the webinar “Towards Justice in the International Economic Order: Proposals from the South,” reflects these shared commitments. In particular, the webinar will focus on selected initiatives proposed by the Global South. An important premise of the webinar presentations will be that the Global South has not a mere spectators in the construction of the global order. Among the issues that the webinar will discuss will be access and a development-oriented approach to the WTO TRIPS Council (including the recent waiver proposal by South Africa and India on TRIPS obligations, and attempts to reframe the e-commerce and IP agenda). It will also reflect on the soon to be launched African Sovereign Debt Justice Network, (AfSDJN), relating to issues of sovereign debt that have become particularly germane in light of the COVID19 pandemic.


Towards Justice in the International Economic Order: Proposals from the South


Mr. Luis Fernando Rosales, Senior Programme Officer, Trade and Development Programme

Dr. Viviana Muñoz, Coordinator, Health, Intellectual Property and Biodiversity Programme

Mr. Daniel Uribe, Programme Officer, Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Gender Programm

Dr. Carlos Correa, Executive Director, South Centre

Professor James Thuo Gathii, Wing Tat Lee Chair of International Law & Professor of Law, University of Chicago, School of Law


Dr. Amaka Vanni, Lecturer in Law, University of Leeds

Dr. Olabisi D. Akinkugbe, Assistant Professor, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University.

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