Acknowledgement from Prof. Eleanor Fox and Dr. Mor Bakhoum to the Contributors of our "Making Markets Work for Africa" (OUP, 2019) Symposium


September, 26, 2019 Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read and review our book. This process has been very rewarding for us and we think the reviews have all been wonderful. Each one, in its own voice, has added a rich layer to our project, and we have learned from all of you.


We are keenly following the unfolding developments in Nigeria and in the sub-Saharan countries that are on the cusp of adopting competition laws, and of course the developments in the AfCFTA as well as ECOWAS/WAEMU and other regionals. We hope to engage with these developments, and hope that our book can provide some insights and a perspective; a building block for moving forward towards a Voice for Africa.

Best wishes to all, Eleanor Fox and Mor Bakhoum