The current edition of the ICSID Review focuses on Africa and the ICSID Dispute Resolution System


June 6, 2020

The ICSID Review has made all the articles available for free on their website here.

Below find the outline of really excellent articles with an Introduction by Makane Moïse Mbengue and a conclusion by Meg Kinnear, Paul Jean Le Cannu. The cast of contributors is really stellar - some of the best in the field.

The authors have really done a great job in each of the essays and together they comprise one of the best collections on ICSID and Africa. There are many great things to say about the volume including the discussion about Africanization of international investment law and finding Africa's voice in it. Much of what one would have expected to see about Africa and ICSID is in there.

Now that this special issue is out, I challenge the organizers to turn this into a book project. This would require adding more voices to engage the chapters in debate to explore some of themes like Africanization further; to probe some of the leading figures like Ibrahim Shihata more; to push the boundaries of each of the themes a little further and ultimately to make the book accessible and affordable where it matters most, in Africa.

Well done ICSID Review!

Table of Contents

Makane Moïse Mbengue, ‘Somethin’ ELSE’: African Discourses on ICSID and on ISDS—An Introduction, 259-269

Antonio R. Parra, The Participation of African States in the Making of the ICSID Convention, 270-277

Francis N Botchway, Consent to Arbitration: African States’ Practice, 278-295

Uche´ Ewelukwa Ofodile, African States, Investor–State Arbitration and the ICSID Dispute Resolution System: Continuities, Changes and Challenges, 296-364

Emilia Onyema, African Participation in the ICSID System: Appointment and Disqualification of Arbitrators, 365-387

Marie-Andre´e Ngwe and Marion Deligny Malchair, La propension des Etats africains a` re´soudre leurs litiges d’investissement a` l’amiable, 388-410

Won Kidane, The Culture of Investment Arbitration: An African Perspective, 411-433

Olabisi D Akinkugbe, Reverse Contributors? African State Parties, ICSID and the Development of International Investment Law, 434-454

Makane Moı¨se Mbengue, Africa’s Voice in the Formation, Shaping and Redesign of International Investment Law, 455-481

Hamed El-Kady and Mustaqeem De Gama, The Reform of the International Investment Regime: An African Perspective, 482-495

Matthew Happold, Investor–State Dispute Settlement using the ECOWAS Court of Justice: An Analysis and Some Proposals, 496-518

Prof Dr Mohamed S Abdel Wahab, ICSID’s Relevance for Africa: A Symbiotic Bond Beyond Time, 519-541

Meg Kinnear and Paul Jean Le Cannu, Concluding Remarks: ICSID and African States Leading International Investment Law Reform, 542-551