Belt and Road Initiative

The 10th anniversary of China’s $1tn Belt and Road Initiative and its Impact on Africa

While China has achieved its primary objective of expanding its global influence, the resultant economic viability and heavy debt burden remain questionable. As the Belt and Road Initiative begins its second decade, the AfSDJN calls on African governments to reflect objectively on the impact and trends of Chinese foreign financing on their economies in the past decade, and advocate for a cautious Belt & Road era as the initiative continues.

Call for Papers: China and Europe in the African Continent - Economic, Legal and Political Perspectives

We invite submission of paper proposals addressing the general theme of the conference from economic, legal, and political perspectives. The conference and the subsequent publication will provide a platform for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to engage in a constructive and informed debate on the different strategies pursued by Europe and China in Africa, and their impact on the continent's development, governance, and security.