The Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA Launches Race and Human Rights Reimagined Initiative


April 14, 2022


EVENTS: APRIL 18,19 & 22

The Promise Institute for Human Rights is proud to be at the forefront of critical thinking about the role of human rights in achieving racial justice and equality. Bringing together our expertise in human rights, Critical Race Theory, and Third World Approaches to International Law, we strive to uncover how race and empire operate within the international human rights system, while exploring the potential of law to dismantle national and trans-national structures of racial and colonial subordination.

Global crises like migration and climate change have revealed the persistent impacts of colonialism and structural racism around the world, as well as the limits of the international human rights system to effectively respond. At the same time, resurgent right-wing populist nationalism, white supremacy, and xenophobia have led to countless human rights violations and even undermined the international human rights system itself. This pivotal moment calls for new ways of thinking about how law and legal institutions can create a more just future.

To launch our Race and Human Rights Reimagined Initiative, we are excited to invite you to three outstanding online conversations next week.

On April 18 Catherine Sweetser of the Promise Institute will moderate conversation with

  • E. Tendayi Achiume, Alicia Miñana Professor of Law at UCLA Law School and UN Special Rapporteur on Racism
  • Alejandra Anchieta, Executive Director of ProDESC (Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Project)
  • Malene C. Alleyne, Founder and Executive Director of Freedom Imaginaries
  • Alan Hanna, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria

on Race, Extractivism and Human Rights. Introductory remarks by S. Priya Morley. RSVP Here.

On April 19 Stacy E. Wood of UCLA's Center for Critical Internet Inquiry will moderate conversation with

  • E. Tendayi Achiume, Alicia Miñana Professor of Law at UCLA Law School and UN Special Rapporteur on Racism
  • Mizue Aizeki, Project Director of the Surveillance, Technology and Immigration Policing Project & Senior Advisor to the Immigrant Defense Project
  • Jaivet Ealom, student at the University of Toronto, advocate and author of Escape from Manus
  • Petra Molnar, Associate Director, Refugee Law Lab

on Race, Tech and Borders. RSVP Here.

On April 22 UCLA Law Professors Aslı Bâli and E. Tendayi Achiume, and the Promise Institute's Racial Justice Counsel S. Priya Morley, will launch our new report, Trans-National Re-Imaginings: UCLA School of Law's Inaugural Series of Convenings. The speakers will draw from their own experience and reflect on how CRT and TWAIL uncover the operation of race and empire within international law. RSVP Here.

Keep a look out for the launch of our Race & Human Rights Reimagined resource page in the coming weeks. This page will be a resource for students, practitioners and scholars who are interested in thinking critically about race and human rights. It will feature our new report, Trans-National Re-Imaginings, our forthcoming series of factsheets on global racial justice issues and the role of international human rights law in addressing them, TWAIL-CRT scholarship, and more.

We look forward to seeing you next week and continuing these important conversations. Stay tuned!

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