Webinar: Teaching and Researching International Economic Law in Africa, Strategies for Overcoming Publishing Challenges

Teaching and Researching IEL

July 2, 2021

International economic law is an emerging area of teaching, research, and practice in Africa. The area, which is a sub-field of international law, is concerned with the regulation of economic relations between states as well as the conduct of private parties involved in cross-border economic and business transactions.

The area includes subjects such as international investment law, international trade law, intellectual property law, international financial law, and international commercial arbitration.

In a bid to encourage research and publication in international economic law, the organisers of this event deem it fit to provide a platform to shape critical and context-driven analysis among faculty members in teaching and researching in the field in Africa. The webinar will feature a discussion of the following thematic areas, among others.

  • Publishing in Reputable Journals and Avoiding Predatory/Fishing journals.
  • Should I collaborate as an early researcher?
  • Conferences and workshop participation/Abstract writing.
  • How do I choose my research topics?
  • How do I develop my research expertise?
  • How do I source for research materials?
  •  How do I plan my publications?
  • How do I address feedback and reviewers’ comments? 
  • How do I balance my academic work with other commitments?

Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Time: 3pm (GMT)

Platform: Zoom, to register for this event, click here