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Symposium Introduction: The Digitalizing Continent: Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation for Africa

The fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is marked by an intensive digitalisation process. Within the process, digital data (physical information converted into digital) and digital technologies restructure how things are done and values are created. Various initiatives and strategies from the very recent AU Data Policy Framework to the Africa Digital Transformation Strategy (ADTS), the Smart Africa Manifesto and the E-Commerce Protocol of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which is still under discussion, are intended to galvanize such processes. The regulatory disparity, coupled with the path-dependent asymmetric relationship between actors shapes the degree of leverage they might have over the operation and outcome of such connectivity.

Call for Papers: The Challenge of Rendering Practical Legal Reasoning Through Computational Systems

In this Research Topic, we will explore the intersection of AI and law through insightful re-evaluations of past encounters between the two disciplines as well as presentations and critiques of emerging computational methods for engaging legal reasoning, especially at the forefront of practice