A Review of the Role of Women Leadership in Facilitating Regional Integration in Africa: The Way Forward

An efficient and effective regional integration in Africa is impossible without the inclusion of women.” Since time immemorial, African women have engaged in trade and are agents of development in formal and informal sectors. Women constitute half of the world’s population, with more than 70 percent of cross-border trade being conducted by women. These women are not a homogenous group and have different experiences. Therefore, it is essential that women, as the subject of policy, spearhead regional integration in Africa. This paper asserts that one of the reasons for the stagnated pace of regional integration in Africa is due to the failure to include women in the regional integration process.

Call for Contributions by Gender and Development: Feminist Protests and Politics in a World in Crisis

The November 2021 issue of Gender & Development (G&D) will focus on Feminist Protests and Politics in a World in Crisis. G&D is a unique journal, offering a forum for the sharing of analysis and experience between feminist activists across research, policy and practice.