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African International Economic Law Network Pre-Conference Newsletter

Africa, a continent brimming with potential, is at a crucial crossroads amidst a confluence of crises that challengeits socioeconomic fabric. The launching of the operational phase of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the recent conclusion of three Phase II instruments in the areas of competition policy, investment, and intellectual property rights are excellent achievements toward the realisation of the dream of the AfricanUnion’s Founders. However, these tremendous steps seem to have been overshadowed by global geopolitical tensions, the rising cost of living, and the ensuing cascade of sovereign debt crises in a post-pandemic recovery world.

Draft Program of the African International Economic Law Network (AfIELN) Biennial Conference

The African International Economic Law Network (AfIELN) is pleased to share the Draft Program of its 6th Biennial Conference with the theme "International Economic Law in an Era of Multiple Crises: Opportunities and Challenges for Africa. 

Conference Update: The 2023 African International Economic Law Conference Website and Registration Now Live

April 13, 2023

The African International Economic Law Network (AfIELN) is pleased to announce its conference website and that the registration for its 6th AfIELN Biennial Conference is now open.

Conference Website and Registration 

The registration page can be found here .