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The News and Events category publishes the latest News and Events relating to  International Economic Law relating to Africa and the Global South. Every week, receive the News and Events in their e-mail accounts. The News and Events published every week include conferences, major developments in the field of International Economic Law in Africa at the national, sub-regional and regional levels as well as relevant case law. News and Events with a Global South focus are also often included.

Webinar I: Farmers’ Rights in the International Legal Architecture for Food and Agriculture

This webinar will examine the links between Farmers’ Rights (as established in the ITPGRFA) and related international treaties alongside the right to food and gender perspectives on Farmers’ Rights.

Afronomicslaw-UNCTAD Webinar: The Reform of the International Investment Policy Regime in Africa

This webinar will consider reforms of the international investment policy regime in Africa. The webinar follows up our recently concluded symposium on Investor-State Dispute Settlement designed to centre voices from the Global South in the veritable tradition of

Forthcoming Symposium: Centering Voices From the Global South on Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform: A Debate

We are excited about our forthcoming symposium which centres the voices of amazing scholars from the Global South on the Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform. The written symposium will run from September 7th  2020.

The Video of the Afronomicslaw Webinar V is Live: Exploring Paths Toward an Ideal US/Kenya FTA for Kenya

This webinar focused on what possible directions what the ideal paths lie for a US/Kenya Free Trade Agreement that will benefit Kenya in all the areas it is negotiating with the United States. The experts panelists consider what constraints and possibilities the negotiating framework in the United States means for Kenya’s goals in the negotiations. In addition, the experts consider what lessons Kenya can learn from the United States, Mexico and Canada, (USMCA), Free Trade Agreement and how those lessons can translated into positive outcomes for Kenya.

WIPO Webinar: How to Resolve Entertainment Disputes through WIPO Alternative Dispute Resolution Options

On August 25, 2020, from 3pm – 5pm WAT, the WIPO Nigeria Office in coordination with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre will host a practical webinar, “How to Resolve Entertainment Disputes through WIPO Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Options”.


Call for Blog Posts: Taxation and the Digital Economy - Latin American and the Caribbean Regional Perspectives

This symposium organized by the AfronomicsLaw with the assistance of Monica Victor focuses on the synergies between taxation and the digital economy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

AfronomicsLaw Webinar IV: Taxation and Social Contract in a Post-pandemic Era

This webinar is a follow-up to the recently concluded Taxation and the Social Contract in a Post-Pandemic Era: Domestic and International Dimensions Symposium which had 20 blog submissions. The Webinar panelists will deliberate on the following questions: has the social contract between the state and the governed in many states been broken? Can the broken social contract be repaired and what role can the law play in repairing the broken social contract? How should countries reform their tax law and policies to be self-sufficient, while ensuring representation and accountability? What is the role of international tax rules in national sufficiency and how should international tax rules be designed in light of fiscal sovereignty and equity?”


CALL FOR PAPERS: Interdisciplinary virtual conference and e-book on Sovereign Debt Management and Renegotiation in Africa: a SADC Perspective

IDLU is pleased to invite academics, researchers, industry experts, policymakers, and officials in civil society organizations and international organizations to submit abstracts for papers to be presented at the conference and included in an e-book on sovereign debt in Africa.

Association of Media Women in Kenya: Consultancy for the Development of Strategic Plan (2020-2025)

The Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) is a National Media Association established in 1983 and registered under the Societies Act as a non-profit membership organization for women journalists from the print, electronic and digital media and other areas of communication. AMWIK seeks to develop a five year Strategy for 2020-2025, the key document that will define its mission and goals.

Vacancy: Senior Program Officer, Human Rights and Public Services, and West Africa Lead

The Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Gl-ESCR) is a non- governmental organisation that believes transformative change to end endemic problems of social and economic injustice is possible through a human rights lens.