Post-pandemic Recovery

Call for Papers: Perspectives for Post-COVID 19 Recovery and Sustainable Development: A Law and Development Discourse

This workshop will consider the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic globally and the strategies for recovery. The workshop will consider what role law and legal frameworks can play toward global recovery, especially in law and economic development, law and technology, law and the environment, intellectual property Law, and human rights law.

Global Engagement Series Webinar: Post-Pandemic Recovery in the Era of Sovereign Debt Distress and Climate Change

The American Society of International Law (ASIL) initiated a Global Engagement Series in collaboration with our regional Colleague Societies. The series comprise four virtual events held as “previews” in the weeks preceding ASIL’s Annual Meeting. AfSDJN is the lead coordinator of this years Global Engagement Series for the African Region.The preview sessions will be available worldwide, free of charge.