Welcome to Afronomicslaw.org’s First Book Symposium: Regional Developmentalism Through International Law


May 15, 2019

Afronomicslaw.org is delighted to host its first book symposium. Jonathan Bashi Rudahindwa's book published by Routledge in 2018, Regional Developmentalism Through International Law: Establishing an African Economic Community, is the subject of this first book symposium. The book is centered on the thesis that "Regional Developmentalism is the most suitable conceptual framework to support the effective establishment of an African Economic Community.” The African Economic Community is the continental trading system contemplated by the 1991 Abuja Treaty. Some have argued the African Continental Free Trade Agreement fulfills the free trade integration stage contemplated by the Abuja Treaty.

The purpose of book symposia on Afronomicslaw.org is to highlight, celebrate and discuss books that have as a central focus international economic law themes as they relate to Africa. We welcome authors and readers to propose books that could be the subject of symposia on the blog.

Coming up later this summer will be a book symposium on Eleanor Fox and Mor Boukhom’s book, Making Markets Work for Africa Markets, Development, and Competition Law in Sub-Saharan Africa, Oxford University Press, 2019. Another book symposium scheduled for later this summer is based on Dr. Fola Adeleke’s book, International Investment Law and Policy in Africa.

For the Jonathan Bashi symposium starting off today, we have the following contributors. Jonathan Bashi will kick off the symposium with an overview of the themes in his book. Next we will have a reviews by Prof. Richard Frimpong Oppong;  Prof. Scott Newton; Prof. Kofi Oteng Kufuor; Prof. Diamond Ashiagbor and Prof. Babatunde Fagbayibo.

Afronomicslaw.org thanks these reviewers for taking time to read the book and make very thoughtful comments on it. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Bashi for his important book!