Ethiopia Has Enacted Its First Arbitration And Conciliation Proclamation

This article describes how arbitration and conciliation were treated in the old laws, and briefly outlines the new arbitration and conciliation proclamation by highlighting the unique provisions and in doing so contrasts and compares them to the old laws.

Negative Effect of Competence-Competence in Mozambique Fishing Project Dispute: Case Headed to Arbitration

The Privinvest Group, (“Prinvinvest”), an Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates based holding company operating in the shipbuilding industry, has obtained a decision in the proceedings against it introduced by Mozambique to be stayed in favor of arbitration. The decision rendered on March 11, 2021 pertains to a jurisdictional dispute brought under Section 9 of Mozambique’s 1996 Arbitration Act relating to the competence of the arbitral tribunal.

Definitive Greenlight for Vedanta to Pursue Arbitration Against Zambia in Mining Dispute

A week ago, the Zambian Court of Appeal issued an order to halt the liquidation of the public limited company Konkola Copper Mines (“KCM”). The liquidation proceedings were attempted by State Owned Entity ZCCM Investments Holdings, a successor company to Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Limited (ZCCM Ltd). Zambia is already defending an ICSID claim in the mining sector filed this summer by Kansanshi Mining Plc.

Award Without Damages Rendered Against Egypt in Cementos la Union

It was reported that before the operating plant was due to operate in 2008, Egypt implemented new measures requiring the Arabian Cement Company to pay additional licensing and electricity fees. The essence of the case concerned the Egyptian authorities failure to provide gas and electricity supply to the cement plant, as well as the denial of justice by the Egyptian judiciary. Claimants consequently requested USD 236 Million in damages.

The Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators Annual Conference Report: Making Arbitration and ADR Work for Africa

The focus of the Conference was to promote Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a viable mechanism for dispute resolution in Africa and to discuss ways to ensure that disputes originating from, and terminating in Africa, are resolved within the continent. This will in turn boost the African economy and promote arbitration law and practice in the region.

Egypt Faced with Second Water Management ICSID claim

Egypt is facing its second dispute related to its water management sector. The claimant - Gesenu SPA (where the municipality of Perugia, owns 45% of the shares) filed a request for arbitration on 30 October 2020. The Claimant invoked the 1989 Egypt-Italy Bilateral Investment Treaty, one of the 115 BITs signed by Egypt. The Egypt-Italy BIT instrument was notably invoked twice in the ASA and Waghui ICSID cases.

Global Value Chains (GVCs), Trade and Inequalities

This post engages with the Global Value Chain Development (GVCD) reports co-published by the World Trade Organization and the World Bank. It focuses on one central claim these reports have made about the development-related benefits of firms’ participation in GVCs, and on the policy recommendations that follow. The claim is that by inserting themselves into global value chains (GVCs) and technologically upgrading, firms can move up the value-added ladder and capture a greater share of the economic rewards, thereby also benefiting workers and their states in terms of employment, income and taxation.

Sierra Leone Accedes to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards While Faced with First ICSID Dispute

Notably, in the accession process, Sierra Leone has exercised its right under Article I(3)[2] of the Convention to limit the scope of the Convention to arbitral awards made in the Territory of another Contracting State, to disputes arising out of legal relationships, whether contractual or not, which are considered commercial under the Laws of Sierra Leone and to arbitration agreements concluded and arbitral awards rendered after the date of its accession to the Convention.

Appointment of Sole Arbitrator in Benin’s First ICSID Case

Teyliom v. Benin, a new ICSID case has commenced following the appointment of its sole arbitrator on October 23, 2020. The request for arbitration in this case against Benin was filed this summer. This is the very first ICSID claim against Benin. What we know is that in 2017 Benin  faced an investment arbitration at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (“SCC”).

Arbitration Award May Now Be ‘Final’: Changes In The Ethiopian Draft Arbitration Law

The traditional way of inserting finality clauses, which is usually crafted as “the decision of the Tribunal is final and binding” may not be useful to waive right to submit to the Bench for review. To sum up, according to the draft proclamation, arbitral awards are final but subject to review by the Bench unless expressly agreed to waive their right for review.