West Africa

Another blow to ECOWAS’ regional governance architecture….?

As has previously been noted, unconstitutional change of government by other means have led the bloc - and the African Union - to where we are today by undermining both continental and regional governance agendas. If ECOWAS really wants to be serious about governance going forward, it needs to put aside meaningless bluffs, and instead focus on cleaning house, both by updating and refining its instruments and taking a firmer stand against all forms of unconstitutional changes of government. 

Afronomicslaw Academic Forum launches in West Africa

January 22, 2022

Following the establishment of the Afronomicslaw Academic Forum in Eastern and Southern Africa, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Academic Forum in West Africa. The Forum welcomes twenty-seven pioneer Representatives from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Togo and Morocco.

The Forum will be led by the trio of:

Call For Regional Representatives For the Afronomicslaw Academic Forum (Eastern Africa) March 2021

Members of the Academic Forum are called ‘Regional Representatives’. There are three major ‘streams’ or ‘departments’ within the Forum; namely, the editorial stream, the partnerships stream and the general Stream. However, and for efficiency purposes, one must first join the general Stream and, where slot later opens up in either of the editorial or partnerships stream, he/she/they may apply for a position in the relevant Stream.